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Name: Dustin Lessard
Position desired: Operations Manager
Willing to relocate?
Phone number: 360-8587-760
Cell phone: 360-701-8346

Dustin Lessard 18117 Wild Violet Lane Rochester, Wa, 98579 360-701-8346 December 3, 2014 Human Resources, I have recently been researching new potential career paths in alternative markets. Through many years of hard work and a few opportunities I have successfully reached a pinnacle in my most recent career position in multi site carwash operations management. I strongly desire a new challenge, and am welcome to an environment change. I seek a new and innovative atmosphere that enables individuals, provides knowledge, promotes research of new knowledge and has a strong desire to vibrantly grow. My career in professional vehicle washing has equipped me with a wide array of transferable skill sets. The industry itself spans many technical fields. I’ve had the opportunity to learn them all. I personally am a natural researcher. I’m very organized while always seeking the most current and relative information. I desire to lead; I enjoy collectively and individually forging new ideas into fruition. These processes we often call work require people; very often they require teams of people. Through years of experience, I have refined my skills in team building. I know when synergy is present and I also know that morale is like the torque within the group. The healthier it is the stronger the group. In looking back on my current career the skill I have to reflect on most is working with people, whether they were a customer, associate, vendor, employee or business partner at the end of the day I believe one of the most important skills I have to offer is the ability to work with people. This skill has been the foundation of my all my success in this industry. I am compassionate; I love learning, I respect hard work and I value people. I have an excellent track record with employee rapport, and retention in a fast paced structured environment. My leadership style enables me to be effective in a position of influence. My management approach at the core is customer centric combined with consistent employee training, and support. I know the importance of always having something to look forward to and am goal driven. I have extensive experience with creating policies, procedures, training materials etc… I thoroughly enjoy a team environment yet can also work independently. I’m used to providing the motivation and absolutely no task is below me. I lead by example from the foundation up. I would like to inquire about upper management openings, with future advancement opportunities. I am interested in continuing my passion for learning and a career in working with people. My resume, which is enclosed, contains additional information on my experience, and skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss available career openings with you, and to provide further information on my candidacy. Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely, Dustin Lessard

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